Electronic Delivery FAQ


What differs in the product I am receiving if I choose electronic delivery vs physical shipment?
The product is the exact same. For electronic delivery, we simply open the product and email you the key. Since nowadays most software boxes don’t contain discs to download the software, there is no difference (except that with electronic delivery you are receiving your product faster). Just like retail versions, electronic delivery versions are transferable and include basic tech support from the manufacturer.

Is this a Full Version or OEM Version?
Full Version. It is fully transferable in the event of hardware failure, unlike OEM licenses. electronic delivery products follow the same rules as full, retail products where many licenses are regarded as ‘single user licenses, good for up to 2 computers, meaning that you can install the software on both your home computer and personal laptop. Note: this can vary depending on product or manufacturer, therefore please check the details of the particular product you’re interested in.

What happens if I need to reinstall my software?
Not to worry! Simply enter your license key and reinstall. SoftwareMedia.com will keep your software license key on file in the event that you ever lose or misplace it. Just contact our customer service team with your order number, and they can retrieve it for you.

When will I get my software?
Our new express electronic delivery service gets you your license key via email within one hour of purchase.* No more waiting up to a week for the physical disk to arrive in the mail.

Why is electronic delivery better than getting the physical box?
With electronic delivery, you’ll receive the product much faster (typically within one hour*). Also, it’s cheaper! By emailing you the key codes, you eliminate the cost of shipping. SoftwareMedia will retain all backup documentation or software packaging for you for up to 2 years (or longer if requested by you in writing) on all software products you purchase so that you can show proof of purchase in the event of a company sale, merger, audit (such as by Business Software Alliance or by a publisher directly) or a license transfer request of the software or software products. If you request, SoftwareMedia will send any and all additional software package materials that were not sent on the original order that are held at our secured storage center.

After the 2 year period of time (determined by purchase date), the physical box product will be destroyed (unless otherwise requested by you in writing). The license keys will still be accessible by logging into your account or by contacting us directly.

By ordering software and having the activation or serial key sent to you either via email, telephone or physical shipment, you agree that you are authorizing SoftwareMedia to open the software package on your behalf and to provide you with the serial key information contained therein.

Does the electronic delivery come with a EULA (End User License Agreement)?
Yes. You must accept the terms of the EULA during installation/activation.

Where do I download my program?
After you purchase your software, you will receive an email that will provide you with your official software license key and a link to the official product download page where you will be prompted to enter your key.

What is the return policy on electronic delivery products?
All orders are considered complete and closed once the software is installed and activated or the key has been sent. Returns of electronic delivery items are at the discretion of SoftwareMedia.com, and if approved, may take up to 2-3 weeks to verify that the key is still valid.

*On orders placed between 7:00am-6:00pm MST Monday through Friday. Orders placed outside this time frame will be processed the following business day.