Microsoft License Summary Report & Verification Process

microsoft license summary report

As a top SMB Microsoft partner, SoftwareMedia, with your approval, can get a detailed Microsoft License Summary report directly from Microsoft that will show all of your company’s Open License purchases. Software Asset Management in the enterprise segment is a standard business practice, yet in the SMB segment it is something that is often overlooked as many small business owners do not have the resources or time to implement this.

However, with Microsoft sending out thousands of License Verification emails to small businesses, you can no longer stay in the dark. By obtaining a free Microsoft License Summary Report, we are offering you a way to see where you stand. We can use this report to help you identify potential deficiencies as well as overages where you might have paid for licenses that you are no longer using. This report will not contain any products that you bought that are OEM or FPP ( Full Packaged Product), but it can provide you with a deployment summary worksheet that will allow you to add all of the purchases to report.

What we have seen from handling 100’s of the Microsoft License Verification requests ( aka SAM Engagement) is that many businesses are not prepared for them and they have 2 weeks from the time they get the letter to respond thus at times causing anxiety and fear. This is where we can help. This is a free service that we offer. Please know that us pulling these reports for you is coming from the Sales team at Microsoft and nobody will know in the SAM team at Microsoft that you requested this report. We have verified this with our partner executive at Microsoft. We did this based on people worrying that if you ask for the report someone will see this the request and analyze it.

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