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Microsoft Office Multi Language Pack 2013 License through the Microsoft Open Business Program.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A minimum of 5 licenses is required

Microsoft Office Multi Language Packs for Microsoft Office 2013 address the needs of multilingual individuals that routinely create or edit documents and presentations in different languages. They help organizations deploying office applications in environments where PCs are shared by speakers of different languages or to service customers in different countries. And they provide the flexibility of switching the entire user experience including menus and help or only using proofing tools such as spell checker dictionary and thesaurus for all the Microsoft Office desktop applications.

Open licensing
is for small to mid-sized organizations that have less than 250 desktop PCs and who order as few as five licenses. Benefits of Open License include discounts off the retail price of software the ability to track and manage licenses by using online tools and the rights to create a standard image and deploy it on multiple machines and rights to transfer licenses from one machine to another.

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