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Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Professional is loaded with new capabilities for Windows 8 the web SharePoint mobile and cloud development-as well as the application management lifecycle tools you need to break down team barriers and reduce cycle times to deliver value continuously. You’ll even find a redesigned UI to streamline everyday tasks and kick your productivity into gear.

A New Look And Feel
From the moment you open the IDE you’ll notice things are different. The entire interface has been redesigned to streamline workflows and provide easy access to the tools you use every day. Tool bars are simplified tab clutter reduced and you now have new fast ways to find code. All of this should make it easier to navigate your application and work the way you like.

Ready for Win8
With the release of Windows 8 things have changed dramatically. Visual Studio 2012 delivers new templates designers and testing and debugging tools-everything you need to build addictive applications in as little time as possible. At the same time Blend for Visual Studio gives you a visual toolkit for taking full advantage of the new (and beautiful) Windows 8 interface.

But maybe the best part of all is what you can do after you’ve created your application. In the old days it wasn’t always easy to get great products in front of the customers who needed them. Now you have the Windows Store a widely available distribution channel that can reach millions of users. The terms are transparent and the potential easy to see. So you can code sell and maybe spend the next few years on the beach.

Web Dev Upgraded
When it comes to web development Visual Studio 2012 also has you covered with new templates better publishing tools and full support for emerging standards like HTML5 and CSS3 as well as the latest advances in ASP.NET. We’ve also made it easier to debug with the Page Inspector by interacting with the page you’re coding right in the IDE. Going mobile? With ASP.NET you can now create applications with controls that optimize for phones tablets and other small screens.

Cloud Capable
In the old days everyone had to maintain a server. Scaling required major investment in infrastructure. Now you have fast access to virtually unlimited servers in the cloud with the ability to add more storage and computing power on the fly. Visual Studio gives you great tools for taking your apps to Windows Azure including new templates and publishing options support for distributed caching and a lower install footprint.

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