Visual Studio Enterprise with 3 Year MSDN & SA – Open Value Annuity


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Enterprise-class app development

Use state-of-the art tools and services that empower developers, increase productivity, and integrate development and operations teams. Deliver high-quality software faster with end-to-end DevOps tools and services and shorten the time it takes to diagnose and fix issues in production.


Five-star mobile development

Create amazing mobile experiences for Android, iOS, or Windows. Build multi-device apps that are native, browser-based, or hybrid, using your existing knowledge of .NET or HTML and JavaScript. Build cross-platform mobile apps that reuse code across device platforms.



Enterprise DevOps

Manage complexity with an end-to-end solution that shortens development cycles and enables you to deliver better apps. After deployment, fix bugs faster with insights and information captured directly in the production environment. Give your developers all the information they need to diagnose and fix issues in record time.



Quality first

Visual Studio Enterprise comes with a full range of integrated testing tools, including test management, exploratory testing, performance testing, automated UI testing, and more. For mobile developers, mobile-specific QA tools enable effortless testing on thousands of real mobile devices.




Developer platform flexibility

With the addition of Visual Studio Enterprise for Mac to your subscription, you can develop using Visual Studio on both Windows and macOS. If you are developing mobile, cloud, or web applications, you can share Visual Studio solutions between developers on Windows and macOS, further enabling productive collaboration.




Standard Subscription benefits

Visual Studio Enterprise subscription provides a full set of resources to create, deploy, and manage applications on platforms including Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and macOS. Choose the platform you want to develop on by installing Visual Studio or Visual Studio for Mac. Get access to virtually all past and present Microsoft server software, Azure credits for development and testing in the cloud, technical training, and more, at no additional charge.

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