Microsoft SQL Server

What you need to know!

What is SQL Server?

Microsoft SQL Server is an enterprise data management system that stores and retrieves data, and runs data analytics and reporting.

SQL Server can be used to reliably manage mission-critical information and confidently run today’s increasingly complex business applications, as well as
reduce your total cost of ownership and drive efficiency to your organization.

Depending on the size and need of your organization, you can determine which SQL Server edition and license will be the best fit for your business.


Standard vs. Enterprise Edition

Standard Edition – typically best for small to medium size organizations – standard Edition includes basic database, reporting, and analytics capabilities.

Enterprise Edition – best suited for large organizations – includes basic database, reporting and analytics, as well as tools for analyzing business and financial data, mission-critical applications, and data warehousing features.

How to License SQL Server

Licensing Options

There are two ways to License Microsoft SQL Server: either with Server + CAL  licensing (Client Access License) or with Core Licensing.

Server + CAL Licensing – This licensing model requires a specific license for each user or device accessing the server, called a CAL. You can purchase either User CALs or a Device CALs:

  • User CAL – A user CAL licenses one user access to the server and can be used across multiple devices.
  • Device CAL – A device CAL licenses one device to connect to and access the server.

Core Licensing – This licensing model allows unlimited users or devices to connect to and access the server by licensing all the physical cores on the server. There is no need to purchase individual user or device CALs with this option.


**As Microsoft does frequently audit SQL Server customers, please feel free to give us a call or reach out via chat to make sure you are registered and licensed correctly!


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