Why SoftwareMedia

One of the largest Microsoft SMB Partners in the US

Why Choose SoftwareMedia?

Softwaremedia is for those companies that are not on the cloud. It’s for those who want to buy and own their software and not have monthly subscription fees forever. It’s for the companies who have on premise servers, who host their own exchange servers, or SQL Servers.

We are not Anti-cloud, we are Pro-Customer

Genuine Factory Sealed Software

  • We do not sell or condone illegal, illicit products.We sell only genuine factory sealed software that is 100% legit.
  • We sell only genuine factory direct Open Licensing
  • We carry new versions, as well as prior versions of all popular Microsoft software

Popular Software Categories

Interested in The Cloud?

We have a full cloud managed services and security company, Total Cloud IT, that is in the same building we are in. Thus should the time come when a company wants to have those discussions about moving to the cloud we have a full team in place.