Adapt to the Work From home Model

Many organizations think they have the tools necessary to allow employees to work from home seamlessly.  Unfortunately, now that work from home has become a mandate for many, cracks in the foundation are manifesting.  From lack of collaboration tools, to lack of interpersonal training on how employees should navigate remote work situations, organizations are scrambling to meet the demands of remote workers.

Traditionally, remote workers used terminal services through Remote Desktop CALS. Organizations had to support these workers with expensive and finicky Virtual Private Networks or VPN’s in order to access their corporate environment. This solution requires the continuous management of the connections and full time employees to manage and remediate issues related to employee access to resources.
A more modern and effective solution for organizations’ growing remote employees involves moving to Microsoft’s M365 licensing model. This model better supports workers while at home and it’s backend services are the responsibility of Microsoft as dictated by their security graph.

Discussed below are some of the benefits of using Microsoft’s M365 licensing model, as well as the monthly billing model and the discounted services is offering to assist in this time of change. 


The benefits of moving to the M365 Licensing Model are extensive, such as:

  • 100% Operational Cost (OPEX), thus potentially providing some tax benefits
  • Data Governance built in: helps to manage and secure your data in a remote environment
  • Deeper level of security: only allows protected, up to date endpoints access to corporate resources
  • Microsoft Teams: extends your traditional office into the home, utilizing the same secure platform, protecting your users and the rest of your assets

Monthly Billing Model


Less upfront cost during
financially difficult times


No contracts that lock you 
in, pay month by month



Align your usage and billing
to exactly what you need

Services is dedicated to helping your organization navigate these difficult times and assist you with your transition to secure remote working employees.

We can help with migrations, secure setup of remote employees, or help you move to the cloud providing an agile environment matching your current and changing business requirements. 


We would also like to offer a 10% discount on any Microsoft M365 licensing models purchased.*   If you are interested, please fill out your information below and one of our representatives will contact you today! 
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As an added help to our customers who are deploying remote workers, we offer a rental program which includes Laptops, O365 Backup, and device level security solutions in a monthly billing model. This eliminates the need to spend cash as a Capital Expense when cash may be needed most. All rentals are a 100% Operational Expense with the potential of a tax deduction equal to 100% at the end of the year.

*10% discount available for first year,  7% discount for the following years you remain with us.
*Offer only valid for new clients between 4/01/2020 – 12/31/2020. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

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